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Success Stories

Working towards a more profitable veterinary practice -- because business is always a lot more fun when you have too much money in your checking account.

We do more than to tell business owners what they need to do. When needed, we actually help them get the work done on site. We develop an intense, hands-on business partnership with the practice owner and the staff so that the practice goals, processes, and culture start working hand-in-hand to effect organizational performance.

Clinic A - Net Profit increased by 74.2%

A twenty year practice owner whose revenue and profits had been flat for the previous five years, hired us. We helped him increase his Total Revenue over the next 24 months by 29.89% with fewer staff members. In the same period, his Net Profit increased by 74.2%, and his veterinary Practice Valuation increase by over $1.7 million. His growth and prosperity has continued on past our engagement because he learned the value of man-hour utilization and the positive effect of revenue increases that don’t come from increasing prices.

Clinic B - Net profit increased by 143%

A new veterinary clinic buyer of a 20-year-old practice increased Total Revenue in the first 12 months of operations by 22%; and net profit by 143% over the prior year with the previous owner. Revenue and Profits had been flat for the past two years before the purchase. We were able to find this new owner a 10 year fixed rate loan of 4.15%. The new owner is operating so efficiently that she will likely pay off the acquisition loan in three-to-five years. Plus, she has upgraded some much-needed clinic’s medical equipment and computer systems. Her clinic is a shining example of efficiency because it is a one-doctor clinic doing well over $1 million in revenue.

Clinic c - Accounts Receivables Reduced by 70%

We helped save an office manager’s job by creating a reporting system that motivated her to improve her performances in the issues that were critical to the success of the clinic and that were important to the practice owner. Accounts Receivable were reduced by 70%, inventory shrinkage was reduced to practically nothing, stored charges were reduced from seven pages to one-half a page.

Clinic D - DVM Retention

We helped a clinic hold a key ultrahigh producing associate by structuring a new compensation plan, and contracting for future ownership opportunities.

Clinic E - DVM's Motivated to Improve

Unresolved Associate DVM grievances reduced productivity, customer service, and revenue. Engaging them as leaders and conducting regular meetings where their input was required motivated them to do a better job.

Clinic F - Owner Better Quality of Life, Higher Profits

Client started working fewer days, and started delegating staffing issues while he increased profits by almost 300%.

In summary

We like employees to be trained to make good decisions at the point of service delivery. This way, they are empowered and responsible for the effect of what they do on each client interaction. Telling employees what to do simply doesn’t work in a society where employees only do what they agree with. We can help you turn dysfunctional work societies into highly functional teams were the owner notices all the beneficial changes that they make without input or direct supervision.

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Specializing in Helping Veterinary Practices Nationwide